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Coven Club Sigil Instructions!

Hello and welcome to a little walkthrough on how to create your own magical sigils! I hope you love the designs in this months Coven Club box - we'll start by talking about the meaning behind those, and then move on how they were created, and how you can use these, and your own for magical purposes, or just as a positive boost for your mental wellbeing and emotional health. You don't need to be a practising witch to benefit from using them!

So, first up - your Coven Club designs.

The pin badge sigil meaning is 'Happy, Healthy, Wealthy'. This piece is pretty self explanatory, as it will help to manifest both material and emotional riches and good fortune to your life. If you choose to use this for magical purposes, the effects may be more powerful than if just worn as a token, but either way, your sigil will ensure you receive more joy and success!

The necklace sigil represents the phrase 'I will persevere' - a strong message of determination and overcoming any obstacles in your way. Again, used in a spell, the effects may be amplified, but for day to day general use, keep it nearby, and in times of difficulty - remember that you CAN and WILL get through this. Summon strength from the Universe, and persevere! 

So how did I create these sigils? It's wonderfully simple - and great fun! First up, you need to think of your own words to use, depending on what you feel you'd like help with, any spells you intend to cast, or if you're designing for a friend or loved one, what theme you're working on for them. We will use mine as an example, but this works with any short phrase or wish, such as 'I will get the job I want' 'My health will improve' 'I will travel safely' anything you like!

First up, write your phrase down on paper. 
Happy Healthy Wealthy

You're going to cross out all the vowels first.

Next up, remove any repeating letters.

Now the fun bit! With the letters you have left, it's time to create your sigil. You can get as obscure in design as you like - and the letters can be clearly visible as what they are, or very loosely resemble the original structure. Weave the letters in to each other to create new shapes and forms. This is your personal sigil - it's up to you how you create it. Keep playing around until you feel happy with the layout. Feel free to add in any little dots, crosses, lines and flourishes for aesthetics - they won't make any difference to the end effect. 

OK! So now you have your sigil! The next steps are optional, if you wish to use them in spell casting. If you're making them for other reasons, you can just draw up your final design on whatever medium you choose (little wood discs for keyrings would be lovely!) or card to keep in your wallet, a scroll, on a pendant or magnet...have a play with various ideas!

If you wish to use the sigils in a spell, the most effective time to use them...is once you've forgotten what they say! It sounds odd, as you're the one making these..but I actually forgot what mine said around a week after I drew them up - so create, finalise, and pop them away somewhere for a few weeks before use (I'd keep them separate too, with the meaning written on another piece of paper, just in case you have a specific spell coming up and you need a certain one! If it's a general 'casting your wish out to the Universe' spell, feel free to pick any you've created and see what happens over the coming weeks after you've used it!)

To activate during your ritual - 
Set up your altar as you usually do, and perform any initial tasks until you are ready to activate your sigil.
Take the sigil into your hands, and stare 'through' it, let your eyes unfocus, let your mind wash in and out - don't try to recall the meaning of the sigil, just dwell on the thought of general peace, health and wellbeing). The lines of the sigil will become wavy, you may see some movement. As soon as you reach this point, slowly bring yourself back into focus and clarity. Your sigil is now activated!
From this point, you can either keep the sigil with you, until you feel its purpose has been achieved, you can gift it to the intended recipient, or you can burn the paper to release the power into your altar space to send out into the Universe. Once you're done, close your altar space down as usual.

And that's it! I'd love to see your sigils and magical spaces, if you're happy to share of course! If you're a member of the Curiologists Facebook group, feel free to pop any photos in there.

Bright Blessings!

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